Ice Fil® Tech Tight

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Tights that act as a critical hi-tech wicking layer for cold weather riding. Or, if unlike us, you winter somewhere more tropical than the Pacific Northwest, these tights could be all you need. Kerrit Sticks™ technology provides security without the constraint of a traditional fullseat.

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  • Ice Fil® pant fabric converts sweat to refrigerant; lowering your skin temp, cooling you from the bottom up
  • Anti-slip Kerrit Sticks™ line the inner leg and seat, with an equal ratio of stretch, grip and breathability
  • Two side pockets that fit most phones
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Wash cold, tumble dry no heat

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I Love These Breeches!

By Abby Nelson

These breeches are some of my favorites! I have had a pair for almost 5 years now and they are still in amazing condition! The icefil has slightly worn down due to constant use, but they are still incredibly grippy! Great for summer due to the thin material but also very comfortable in winter! I highly recommend getting a pair (or more!) if you haven't already!


A favorite!

By Tera Allen

These tights are great- comfortable, keeps you warm but also cool, and wear them around the barn, riding, and just because. They last about 2 years for me, pretty durable considering how much wear and tear i put on them!


Best Summer Pants

By Maddie Livingood

These pants are amazing! They are my favorite in the warmer weather because they are thin and most comfortable. They also dry really quickly!! Sometimes when I'm bathing a horse the hose sprays me and these pants don't stay wet for long which is really convenient. The grips are also really great. They are small and thin but they work so well and keep your body and leg in place throughout your ride.


So comfortable!!

By Caitlin

I honestly love these breeches! They are the most comfortable kinds you can buy! They are totally breathable and do exactly what they say they do. I only wear these tights in the summer because anything else is just too hot! I love the color, it matches with any shirt! It has belt loops as well!! The only thing is the silicon kerrits don't last long. If you ride alot the stickability becomes less and less! Also the material around my knees/thigh have become worn and thin (with little material bumps) but only around the knee/though area! Other than that, I stand behind these pair!


Make the summer days more bearable

By Ashlyn

At first I ordered a small in these but they didn't quite fit right so I ordered an xs and now I am In love with the way they fit. they keep me so cool during xc schooling in the hot summers.


Perfect summer breech!

By Moriah

I love these breeches! Perfect for summer when it gets hot out, and the pocket is large enough to fit my phone. Which comes in handy when I go on trail rides.


So amazing!

By Micaela Sands

These are my favorite breeches by far! They fit me very well and are super comfortable especially in summer. 100% reccomend!


Summer breeches

By Zoe White

These breeches keep you perfectly cool in the summer yet are soft on the inside. With a nice grip on the inside thigh, these breeches are a must on an easily excited ride.


Ice fil

By Sophie Walsh

I absolutely love these pants! Perfect for riding in warmer weather, and so comfortable.


Great Summer Breeches

By kerrits-admin

In the summer these breeches are a great alternative to heavy full seat breeches because these tight give the grip, and support of full seat breeches but at the same time keep you cool.


Great Summer Pants

By Monica Fiss

These are great cool summer riding pants. I was skeptical to try riding tights, they seem unflattering and uncomfortable. I was getting super hot while riding when I wore my traditional cotton riding breeches. I decided to try the Ice fil tech tights. They are very comfortable and surprisingly flattering on. They are super cool in the summer and you barely ever sweat. When you do sweat it wicks away the moisture so you stay cool and dry. I also love the full seat grips that keep you tight in the tack. I love these tights!


Ice Fil Tights

By Kiersten Alexander

I'm obsessed with these! They're perfect for the barn camp I work at as they are comfy and cool



By Briley Ray

I LOVE these breeches. So comfortable and cozy! I'd wear these all day if I really could.


Ice Fill

By Gloriana Herrera

Súper breeches for every day dressage training. I have to stay on them for many hours a day in tropical humid weather in Costa Rica and they keep you fresh and comfortable smile


Ice Fil Tech Tight

By Shaeleigh O'Brien

I love these! I am an ambassador and I 10/10 recommend them. My friend has the grey pair, she is also an ambassador, and I wear hers all the time! They are so great and the grip lasts a long time. ❤


So Cool

By Sandra BArry

Living in Australia where we have Summer temperatures up to 45C I would not be able to ride without my Ice Fil tights. You can really feel the difference they help keep me much more comfortable in the heat. Thank you Kerrits.


Comfy, but not the best

By Ashley Robinson

If I were to review this only on comfort both in and out of the saddle, five stars hands-down. However, the silicon grip doesn't last very long and after about a year between my four-five pairs, I feel MUCH less secure in the saddle than with my other full seats, as the breeches no longer offer the extra "grip" I'm looking for in a full seat. These are a life saver for hot summer months, though.


One of my favorites!

By Allison Berman

As someone who doesn't own any other brand of breeches expect Kerrits, I can honestly say this is one of the best. The ice fil fabric keeps me nice a cool in the hot Texas sun. Plus the sweat build up is little to none! The full seat grips keep me safe and secure in my saddle and never lets me down when my horse decides to dart left! Last but not least the pockets are a god sent. I love the convince of having pockets to carry my phone or treats. Everyone needs at least one pair of the Kerrits Ice Fil Tech tight


great riding tights

By Gina Cotto

Love these tights! They are cool and comfortable, and I live in South Florida year round. Wash well and have maintained their integrity through many washings so far. LOVE the side pocket for my cell phone and keys, and I never worry about them falling out of the pocket. The only riding tight I will buy from now on.


So excited!

By Abby

I tried these on and heard several people gush about these... now I'm hooked! I just ordered my own! Super comfortable, sticky, and I LOVE the pocket!


I'm Never Going to Wear any other riding pants without Kerrits Stick!

By Jackie Cochran

I LOVE these riding tights. For the first time in 40+ years I am no longer sliding in the saddle. Since I have MS I have poor balance, but in these tights it does not matter. I get into the right position in the saddle and I STAY there. My riding teacher was really impressed on how much my position and riding improved just by wearing these tights. After ten minutes into my lesson she was on the phone to the tack store so they would reserve a pair in her size for when she made it to the tack store. Over forty years ago my last pair of cavalry twill breeches wore out. Since then I wore knit breeches and my security in the saddle got worse. This is the FIRST pair of riding pants I've worn that gives me more security in the saddle than the old-fashioned cavalry twill breeches. I am planning on consigning all my other riding pants so I can get the money to buy more riding pants with the Kerrits Stick technology. Today I wore my deerskin FITS breeches and I was back sliding around in the saddle, and I decided I am never going to ride in them again. THANK YOU for developing the Kerrits Stick technology. I am now secure in the saddle. Jackie Cochran


Love them!

By Samantha

I didn't think I was going to like these. I tried them on at the store and thought they were cute, nothing else fit right so I brought these home. OMG I LOVE THEM!!!!! So comfy and stay where they belong. Not sure how the right will hold up to time but so far I'm in love.


Best tights EVER for curvy girls!!!

By Helen smith

I tried on about 20 pairs of breeches and tights by other companies before trying these. I looked so bad in all the others that I litteraly left the tack shop crying. When I tried on the ice fil tech breech I was slack jawed at how beautiful they looked and felt! I loved them so much I didn't even take them off! I wore them right to the register!! I have soft, curvy legs and all the other brands I tried on pinched, pulled and mushed my legs in all kinds of ways that were aweful. The ice fil tech tight made me look like the rider a wanted to look like!!! They gave my curves a smooth shape with their nice, thick fabric but are super breathable in hot weather!!! If you are a curvy girl, you will LOVE these breeches!!!!!



By Kaitlyn Goodspeed

These are my new favorite summer tight! I commute to two different farms, and often school multiple horses per day, so I needed a summer breech I could live in all day without being miserable. These tights have worked out perfectly! They definitely do their job at keeping me cool, as well as being overall some of the most comfortable tights I've owned. I loved them so much I bought a second pair in another color, and I'll definitely keep adding to the collection! I'm also obsessed with the huge pockets. Most breeches have pockets you could *maybe* fit your house key in, but these I can fit my iPhone in with room to spare! The size of the pocket does not compromise the look and outline of the tight, which is wonderful as well. If there is nothing in your pocket, no one would even know there's a pocket there! The grippy full seat provides a secure feel, but without the bulk and restricted movement of other fullseat breeches. I own the gray pair, and even after repeated beating them around the barn while cleaning stalls, a quick wash and they look like new. No stains! The material practically repels dirt. I can't say enough good things about these, and I've already raved at length about them to my horsey friends (and I'm sure they're tired of hearing about it!)


New favorite :)

By Elli

These tights are great! They feel like an extra skin, and the little carrots stickers are surprisingly sticky (though I'm not someone who typically wears a full seat breech). Super lightweight - perfect for summer riding (or running, or yoga, or whatever... I buy my Kerrits tights for riding, but then usually end up wearing them everywhere!). The best part of these breeches in particular are the POCKETS. Absolutely life-changing. I wish all Kerrits breeches had this feature!


Ice Fil Tech Tight

By Erin Lassere

These tights are awesome. In the hot summers of southern Alabama, these keep me cool and stylish.



By Kasidy McMartin

The quality is outstanding, and they are so durable! I have the tan tights for showing and everybody loves them! They are also super comfortable! 10/10 would recommend!


Ice Fil Tech Tight

By Alexis G.

They work great! I don't have to worry about getting hot when riding now. They are super light weight and comfortable to ride in.


Can't Live Without Them!

By Gwen

I recently purchased these before my performance show at the county fair. It's hot when we compete, averaging 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit for multiple classes. My horse was sweating, but I was kept cool! The full seat grips added extra stability in my seat, and the pockets were perfect for my phone and horse treats. Proud to say these riding tights helped me get overall grand champion!



By Michayla G.

I love my Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tights. They are comfy and keep me nice and cool. These are my go to breeches when it is warm outside. I love how they have pockets for my phone or carrying a water bottle. Highly recommend!!



By mia knights

i love these pants! they are amazing for riding in the summer! the carrots are surprisingly stickier than you would think! great first pair of pants if you are just starting to ride, or just want to try and new pair of pants!


Great product!

By Olivia Rich

I bought my Ice Fil Tech Tights about 10 months ago for schooling as a durable pair of tights as I'm a working student and used to ride approximately 3-5 horses each day, I have nothing negative to say about these pants! Some days when I had to work at my barn after school, I would wear these riding tights and they would feel like leggings! This is a great pair of riding tights that I recommend to everyone looking for a pair of durable pants!


Super cool tights

By Charlotte Bassow

These are my favorite tights to ride in in the summer, the ice fill tech is amazing and definitely keeps me cool. They are durable and fit well should last me a long time.


Ice fil tights

By Cheryl

Very comfortable,cool,and breathable and the pockets make them perfect.