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Tips for Sun Protection While Riding

Have more fun in the sun with shirts, tights and accessories that offer full coverage and built-in UPF protection.

  1. Choose clothing that provides more coverage, such as shirts with high necks and long sleeves. Wide-brim hats and helmets help shade your eyes and face, and our convertible headband expands into a buff for extra coverage, too!
  2. Look for clothing with a UPF rating. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and a higher UPF means greater protection from harmful rays.

  3. Remember to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to areas that are still exposed, like your hands, neck and face.

  4. Take breaks in the shade of trees, in a covered arena or inside the barn, especially from 10 am–4 pm, when the sun is most intense.

Our Top Picks for Women

PLUMERIA::variant::Kids Ice Fil Lite Long Sleeve Riding Shirt - Solid

Encore Long Sleeve Show Shirt

HORSE MIRAGE SAPPHIRE::variant::Kids Ice Fil Lite Long Sleeve Riding Shirt

PLUMERIA::variant::Ice Fil Lite Long Sleeve Riding Top Solid

EMERALD DECO BITS::variant::Ice Fil Lite Long Sleeve Riding Top

SAPPHIRE::variant::Ice Fill Full Seat Tech Tight

Ice Fil® Full Seat Tech Tight

TAN::variant::Ice Fil Tech Tight Full Seat

CORAL PINWHEEL HORSE::variant::Convertible Headband in Ice Fil Fabric

SAPPHIRE::variant::Ice Fil Gloves

Ice Fil® Gloves

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