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Where can I find petite breeches?

Where can I find petite breeches?

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Kerrits petite breeches are here— vertically challenged riders, rejoice!

At 5'3" (ahem, in paddock boots), I’m a petite equestrian who struggles to find breeches, tops, and show coats that actually fit and flatter shorter frames.

Unless I want to pilfer my show fund for custom tailoring (spoiler alert: I don't), I have the pleasure of riding with rolled sleeves and scrunched ankle fabric under my tall boots. Jealous?

But, in a world of clothes made for women taller than me, I long ago accepted the fact that my riding clothes simply won’t fit how I’d like them to right off the shelf. I’ve literally taken scissors to the bottoms of expensive riding pants only to realize the knee patches are still in the wrong place.

To add insult to injury, it turns out there’s not much of a resale market for butchered breeches.

That’s why I’m over the moon to announce the quest for petite riding apparel is OVER. Finally, an equestrian apparel brand heard our diminutive cries:

“For the love, someone please make horse riding pants for short legs!”

“Knee patches? More like upper calf patches…”

“Life is hard enough down here. Can I JUST have sleeves that I don’t have to roll like a pre-teen?”

Praise be: Kerrits has done it! They’ve launched a petite equestrian clothing collection—we’re talking petite riding pants, petite full seat breeches, a petite show shirt, and a petite show coat that actually fit short-statured equestrians.

Ivory Hogan from Kerrits

I sat down with our Product Team’s fit specialist, Ivory, to chat about the Kerrits petite equestrian apparel line.

Q: Why did Kerrits add a petite collection? 

A: "We take customer feedback seriously, and we know that finding performance apparel that fits correctly is essential to a good ride. After hearing from a lot of shorter riders who love our fabrics and designs, but who craved and couldn’t find a true petite offering, we really wanted to fulfill that need.”


Q: What were some key design considerations for the petite collection?

A: “ Fit and function always come first, so we talked to petite riders about what they needed. We asked about sizing and fit, upper and lower body proportions, and the pain points of traditional riding apparel.

“We also got specific about what ‘petite’ means. In the fashion world, petite refers primarily to height. Petite customers are 5'4" and under, and they need clothing that is cut proportionally for shorter frames. Depending on the piece, this might mean higher armholes, narrower shoulders, and shorter rises on pants. 

“And, even if you do not consider yourself a ‘petite’ from head to toe, petite sizes might be right for just your top or just your pants. A woman who is 5’6” may be a regular in breeches but have a shorter torso and arm length, so a petite top or jacket would be more suitable.

“Many people also assume petite is synonymous with ‘tiny.’ But petite riders come in all shapes and sizes, which is why our collection will be available in sizes XS–2X.”

Q: So there’s more to it than shortening the bottoms of breeches? 

A: Yes! Designing petite horse riding clothing is not as simple as shortening the inseam. We measured and tailored every aspect of our petite collection to not only fit petite height, but also petite proportions.

“Kerrits petites tops and jackets are proportionally shorter throughout the torso and sleeve length. The petite breeches have been shortened in length, and details like knee patches and seams have been proportionally placed for optimal performance and comfort.

“We started with three of the most beloved Kerrits styles and created a petite version of each one. It actually took a year of research and development to reach the sampling phase. We then fit the clothes on as many different petite equestrian bodies as possible. We’re really proud of the final products and can’t wait for customers to try them!”

Kerrits Petite Equestrian Collection will feature these products: 

  • Petite Show Shirt: Encore Show Shirt
  • Petite Show Coat: Stretch Competitor Koat (3-snap and 4-snap)
  • Petite Knee Patch Riding Pants: Crossover II® Knee Patch Breech
  • Petite Full Seat Breeches: Crossover II® Full Seat Breech
  • Petite Affinity® Aero Mesh Show Coat


Petite Crossover II® Full Seat Breech

Petite Crossover II® Full Seat Breech


A lightweight summer favorite now perfectly proportioned for the comfort and performance of petite riders, the GripSoft™ full seat provides a secure, mid-level grip with a softly brushed interior that wicks sweat. The Dynamic™ Extreme fabric wicks and breathes to keep… read more

Petite Crossover II® Knee Patch Breech

Petite Crossover II® Knee Patch Breech


Perfectly proportioned for the comfort and performance of petite riders, these hardworking breeches deliver a classically tailored look in hi-tech, breathable performance fabric. Durable, stretch-woven Dynamic™ Extreme provides flattering coverage while shedding dirt and light rain to help keep things… read more

Shop the full Petite Collection here!

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