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Team rider: Beverly Gray

Meet Team Rider Beverly Gray

Discipline: Endurance, Trail Riding, & Coaching
Kamas, Utah

Beverly’s endurance race career spans over 3 decades. Combined with her Equine athletes she has accumulated over 19,900 race miles, 400 races and 105 wins. Her list of accomplishments is extensive including selection with Regalidon (aka Paladin) to the United States Equestrian Endurance Team. They competed for the USA at the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain.

She has also raced the prestigious 100 mile Presidents Cup in Abu Dhabi, the Gold Cup in Dubai, Invitations to race in South America, and also a guest of the King of Malaysia at the Sultan's Cup.

I feel connected to my horse when:

Endurance requires long hours in the saddle and training for distance. The feeling of bonding and connection is very special and deep.

Why I love Kerrits:
I LOVE Kerrits. It offers comfort, and a flattering fit with a unique designs and colors. There is nothing like a Kerrits outfit.

My most memorable moment as a rider:
The finish line of the World Equestrian Games 100 mile Championship. To share the time, training and emotion with my horse Pal was an unforgettable gift.

My favorite place to buy Kerrits:

New West Country Store in Kamas, UT

Beverly's Kerrits Favorites

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Softshell Riding Vest

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