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Collection: Packing for Pony Camp

Pony camp checklist. From Ice Fil tops to tights, here’s everything kids need to be cool, comfy campers (pony not included).

Packing for Pony Camp

Packing for Pony Camp

Essentials to pack for Pony Camp

Packing for pony camp is easy with Kerrits’ kids’ collection: cooling, comfy, sun-protective kids’ riding clothes in fun colors and equestrian prints girls love wearing. Grab a sturdy Kerrits Duffle Bag and start from the top with a Kerrits Logo Hat with a generous visor to keep the rays off kids’ faces. Then grab a few feather-lite Kids Ice Fil Short Sleeve tops in bright summer colors and fun horse-themed prints, complete with UPF 30+ sun protection. Throw in a few Kids Ice Fil Long Sleeve Print and Solid tops for complete sun—and bug—protection. Super-comfy Kids Performance Tights (available for a limited time in a special Bluestone Carrot Field print) are essential items for horse-riding camp. What to wear on extra-hot days at pony camp? Kids Ice Fil Tights with technology that keeps them cool from the bottom up. Don’t forget Kids Paddock Socks and a Kerrits Cinch Pack to carry lunch—and carrots!